3/4/12 Training

Despite sleeping in longer than I anticipated this morning, I was still able to get this week’s long run in while visiting Hays.  The recurring theme throughout the run was running on streets that I hadn’t thought of in years, but still running on them brought back so many memories.

My run started near the country club area.  As I ran on Tam O’Shanter Drive, I recalled those early morning runs on the golf course with Joel before school during the Spring of our senior year.  My run then took me down Country Lane (as well as continuing on memory lane!) and suddenly middle school memories came rushing back.  Our patent little four mile square for the long distance runners felt like it was just yesterday.  I ran a few laps on the FMS track which took me back to middle school and high school track meets not to mention all of the intervals we ran there.  Shortly after FMS, I found myself on Lincoln Drive.  Running passed Gretchen’s former house, the memories of the fun we all had there and the crazy things we did during both cross country and track practices were right before me.  We had some great times.  My run ended near the interstate, not too far off that four mile pattern we would run in middle school. 

That being said, the whole run of 8.15 miles took 1:09:30.  Lots of memories were contained in that short hour.  Instead of 27 years ago, it felt like it could have been just 27 days ago, if not 27 hours ago.  That’s one of the great things I love about running, running in certain places has a tendency of bringing back a flood of memories.  And when that happens, the miles just magically float by.  One of my aims during this effort is to recall and share those memories.    

Since today is Sunday, I thought I would also give a quick summary of this week’s training totals.  This week I ran 26.201 miles (thought that was funny when the weekly total equaled a marathon) in 3:40:46 or 8:26 per mile.  This brings my annual weekly mileage to 22.9 miles each week.  As stated earlier, next week will begin the focus on increasing distance rather than being concerned about times or intensity.  I want  to build my base much higher than in the past, mostly due to the fact that I have more time in between races.  My goal for next week will be around 35 miles.


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