2011 Prairie Fire Marathon: #3

My third marathon marked my first attempt at running a sub-3:15 marathon.  In retrospect, the goal to cut off so much time off my personal best was too lofty.  But it sure was fun trying.

Running with the 3:15 pace group, I made an instant connection with the pacesetter.  Things went well at first — finishing the first half in 1:37:20 — almost right on the mark of where we needed to be to run a 3:15 marathon.  I kept up for another few miles, but after mile 17 I hit the wall.  I lost contact with the pack and tried to recapture their pace, but mentally I was already spent.  Even though I could not hold their pace, I bettered my personal best by finishing in 3:28:13. 

One of the best memories of this race was having my dad watch me run a marathon for the first time.  Being around him before and after the race brought back many high school and college running memories — many lost to the hands of time until then.  Another fond memory I have was having my oldest son, Logan, cheer me on throughout the race and support me after the race (literally).  It’s one of those memories that will be difficult to forget, so much that I used the picture of Logan helping me walk after the race as the default picture for this blog.  Thanks to my oldest brother for snapping the picture, as he was there supporting me in two of my three marathons.


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