3/18/12 Training

Today’s long run went well.  I ran 12.11 miles in 1:45:05.  A majority of the run was on trails at the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area.  I enjoy running longer runs on trails because trail running forces you to focus less on pace.  Issues such as ensuring a twig is really a twig and not a snake or keeping your distance from Canadian geese because you don’t want to be the next star of “When Animals Attack” help maintain a slower pace.  And that’s exactly what you want on your long runs.

As I had quite a bit of time to think on today’s run, I thought of the following idea.  During my transition from base building to quicker marathon training, I would like to make my last long run a test of endurance — just to see how far I can run in one training session.  Not really sure how smart this is, as I have never seen it as a part of a training plan, but would certainly be something to work towards.  I have never ran farther than a marathon, so it would be new territory for me to run longer than 26.2 miles.  At least it’s something to think about . . .

This week’s mileage was 41.33, my highest weekly mileage this year.  As I continue to increase my base, I should be near 46 miles for next week.  Looking forward to next week, I am trying to arrange my Sunday long run with a few folks from my office.


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