3/20/12 Training

Most current marathon training plans will tell you it’s okay to miss a day or two of training, especially if you are sick and it’s not your long run for the week.  Furthermore, most tell you not to worry about trying to make up the missed mileage.  The advice sounds good in theory.  When you are in the middle of training, you want to stick to your goals and hit your milestones — I guess that’s why I didn’t follow this advice today.

I was able to sneak in 3.2 miles in 26:46 this morning to make up for yesterday’s missed mileage.  And tonight I was able to run 7.2 miles in 1:00:26.  So I am back on pace to increase my mileage base again this week.  Whether making up the distance really made any difference in my fitness level is probably arguable, but mentally I feel much better sticking to my training plan.


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