3/28/12 Training

This morning’s run in Des Moines was lots of fun.  The only regret I have is not going earlier in the morning to run a little longer.  As planned, I ran near Gray’s Lake.  I highly recommend this trail.  Even though it was still quite dark when I started the run, the path was well-lit with an abundance of emergency phones always nearby.  In addition to running around the lake, I also took the path that headed near downtown.  Stopping to take a few pictures and texting to catch up on events at home, my pace was quite slower today as I finished the 3.55 mile run in 32:08.

Even though it was nice catching up with friends in Des Moines, it was also nice to get back home today.  The kids kept me hopping as my oldest son finished second in the mile race at his track meet (5:39) today and my daughter and I planted a few more starter plants for strawberries and kale in addition to planting more cucumber and tomato seeds.


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