4/27/12 Update

Even though I continue with my break from running this week, I am still learning some good lessons I hope will eventually pay off in my running. I guess spending time at Disney World one-on-one with a seven year-old might do that.
#1. Keep it simple. The first lesson came from yesterday deciding what parks to go to and what rides to ride. His decision-making was quite simple, go with what makes sense and seems right. Hungry? Find the nearest food and take a break. Thirsty? Find the nearest bottle of water. Hot? Go to a park with a water ride (or better yet, take a break from the parks and go swimming). Many times I think we try to plan or analyze too much, but Grant reminded me that many times accepting the obvious answer beats a whole lot of over thinking. Whether in business or running, I know I could benefit from taking a step back for a different perspective.
#2. Have fun. I know this seems pretty basic, but we often overlook what brings joy to either ourselves or those close to us. It was obvious that Grant had ideas in his head of what would be fun and he went for it. After the basics were taken care of (#1 above), he moved on to the next level. Work has recently contained information about playing to your strengths – taking advantage of natural ability and performing the tasks you most enjoy. Running can also be connected. Run routes you enjoy – whether that’s the scenery or company of others. Take advantage of what comes naturally and it seems so much less like a task.
#3. Don’t replace one-on-one time. Spending one-on-one time is great to get to know someone, even if you already know them. Spending time with Grant in an environment that encourages all to be kids was a great way to reconnect with him. As pointed out above, his likes and dislikes were obvious in a atmosphere in which he was comfortable. And spending time just with each other totally removed any group dynamics which may hinder such expression. I feel this is true for adults as well. Whether it’s leisure time, business travel or a run, spending time individually helps to know that person better.
I hope to remember these lessons that Grant pointed out so well.


4/24/12 Update

I’m still enjoying a little rest from running, but wanted to share a few quick thoughts tonight.  First, tomorrow we will wrap up a meeting at work and then Grant and I head to Disney World.  The meeting has gone well so far and I enjoyed catching up with friends and sharing ideas related to my training and blog.  My intention was not to run while at Disney, but noticed the hotel has a jogging trail, so I might have to pack a pair of workout clothes (just in case).

Also, I heard from Active.com and it appears I am another step closer to having my first article appear on their site.  The article I submitted centers around six tips to stay motivated after signing up for a race.  I’ll keep you posted on the latest updates.

4/23/12 Update

I’ve decided to take a few extra days of rest from running before our vacation. Since Grant and I are heading to Orlando on Wednesday, I figured a few extra days with more rest might be a good recipe to revive my training. I plan to start back up next Monday to get back into the groove again. Right now I’m focusing on wrapping up a meeting at work and then enjoying a fun time away from work.

4/21/12 Training

I was able to sneak in an early morning run today while Brooke slept. I discovered a quiet frontage road off of I-44 today which allowed me to get most of my miles in with little traffic. Here’s my training tip of the day: don’t run on an interstate frontage road unless you’re ok with feeling extremely slow.

The morning here in Springfield was a little chilly with temperatures in the lower 30s. It was also very foggy out. One of my favorite moments of the run was coming over the crest of a hill seeing the sun trying to burn through the fog. It was just a little glow over the horizon. It was so faint at first that I thought it was the moon at first until I figured out my directions.

4/20/12 Training

This morning’s run was a quick 5.201 miles in 42:26 on the treadmill. Not much to say about the run itself.

Logan had a great meet today as his 3200 meter medley distance relay took second place. Logan anchored the relay running the mile leg. I was too caught up in watching the relay to get an accurate split but think it was between 5:16-5:20.

I’m now in Springfield with Brooke for her soccer tournament. I hope to get out early tomorrow before the games start to get my run in. We’ll see how that plan works!

4/19/12 Training

This evening’s run was on the Little Blue Trace Trail and was really enjoyable.  I love running this trail and tonight was no exception.  It looked as if the rain clouds kept most people off the trail because I only passed a handful of runners and bikers.  I was able to get most of my run in before it started raining, and even at that, the cool rain was a refreshing way to end the last mile.  The run was 5.09 miles in 40:43.

I also had an exciting development this afternoon.  A few weeks ago I submitted an article idea to Active.com.  Today one of their editors contacted me to see if I was still interested in contributing running related articles.  I plan to finish up the paperwork tonight and will keep you posted if things develop in this area.

With the Boston Marathon this past Monday, I have been spending some time reading and learning more about the marathon itself.  I just finished watching the replay of the 2012 race on UniversalSports.com.  The May edition of Runner’s World also has a couple of good Boston Marathon related articles.  It is truly amazing to watch world-class athletes run so efficiently and make it look so easy.