4/1/12 Training

Yesterday’s run completed my step back week in which I decreased my mileage to give my body a little rest.  And apparently I needed it.  This is the first week in a long while that I have noticed little nagging aches and pains.  It is clear that I need to focus on a few items in the upcoming week:  keep running at a slower, more measured pace and stretch more.  I’m hoping both will help minimize the aches and pains.

My run was 10 miles completed in 1:28:50.  I wanted to get some miles in on trails, so I ran at James A. Reed.  The grass on the trails was taller than usual which did not make me feel real comfortable.  You never know what might be nearby when running in tall grass.  As I tried to reassure myself it was okay to run in the taller grass, I pushed forward running.  My luck ran out after completing my first mile on the trail.  Keeping my eyes peeled for anything in the grass, I spotted a snake.  I’m not sure who was more scared, me or the snake.  Luckily, I was able to get past it without any further incident, but I stuck with running on the roads after that.

My mileage for the week was 39.35 miles, right on target.   I’ll return to increasing my mileage over the next three weeks.  If everything goes according to plan, next week should start a series of weeks in which the total mileage will be the most ever for me.

I noticed the May edition of Runner’s World contains a couple of articles about the Boston Marathon.  I’m looking forward to reading them as I hope they will serve as a reminder of why I’m logging all of these miles now.


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