Memories of Mom

With April already upon us, my mother has been on my mind quite a bit recently — especially on runs.  Towards the end of the month will be her first birthday without her.  I feel blessed to be her son and have the childhood my parents gave me.  I miss her greatly.

Below are just a few memories I had on recent runs.  In college, Coach Krob would give us a detailed, one page summary of the upcoming meet the day before.  It contained notes about departure times, weather forecast, and information about the competition.  My mom was able to get a hold of one which contained a bit of nutritional advice reminding us to eat our “potassium bars.”  She went all over town to various nutrition stores asking for these bars.  She apologized to me for not being able to find any before I could explain that was coach’s name for bananas.   We never forgot how hard we laughed about her “unfruitful” search.

Getting ready to watch tonight’s national championship game reminded me of how nervous Mom would get watching close KU basketball games.  She would often not watch the end of the game if it was too close.  I’m not so sure she would have been able to watch any of this year’s KU NCAA tournament games.  They have definitely been too close!

I’ll never forget the support my parents gave me while I ran in school.  They would be at the meets, cheering for the team.  I can still hear Mom yell, “Go, Myrlin, go.”  That’s about all she would say, but hearing those words always gave me a sense of comfort.  If I can provide my children with some degree of the sense of comfort and security my mom give us, I will be a happy parent.


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