4/8/12 Training

Running in a new location is always a new adventure.  Today’s run was no different.  Spending some time with my family in the Wichita area, I was able to take advantage of some beautiful weather as well as new scenery.  Today’s run was 15.02 miles which took 2:00:35 to finish.  It was an out and back route from Rose Hill to Derby.  Most of the miles were on 63rd South between the two cities.  I would characterize the route as rolling hills.  Nothing too steep, but just a lot of up and down.

The run was a great way to cap off a very nice Easter weekend.  Spending time with family always reminds me of what’s really important in life, especially as we recalled memories from our childhoods.  Recalling those memories and observing how well our children interacted gives me hope they will be doing the same in about 25 years.

Here’s my weekly summary:  52.223 miles in 7:12:39.  Looking back through my running logs, this looks like the highest weekly mileage I have ever ran.  The closest I see was 51.87 miles in 7:16:08 at the end of August 2011.  I plan to increase this total over the next two weeks before taking another week of decreased mileage to help my body to recover.



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