4/10/12 Training

After returning to Kansas City and watching Logan’s track meet (finished 3rd in the mile with another PR of 5:34), I was able to fit in my run this evening.  It was from Knobtown to Unity Village and back — a distance of 6.15 miles in 48:13.

This is my usual Tuesday course with many good hills to consider this a solid hill workout.  In addition to some great valley views at the peak of the hills, I also saw five wild turkeys and a deer.  Once the deer noticed I was not chasing it, it just stopped halfway up the hill and watched me.  It was a beautiful and graceful animal.

It was nice to be back home running on familiar routes again.  Of course, in one of those running juxtapositions, I also enjoy exploring new routes in different cities as well.  I’ll be heading to Jefferson City tomorrow morning, so I hope to discover a few places to run there as well.


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