4/15/12 Training

Today’s run was pretty uneventful.  I was able to dodge this weekend’s rain for the most part.  I had a few sprinkles around miles 5 and 7, but luckily no downpours.  I have been a little stiff after today’s run, especially my left knee and ankle.  They both seem to loosen up pretty quickly after some consistent movement though.

The run was 16.05 miles in 2:11:49.  I felt pretty good during the run, but judging on how I’m feeling after the run, I recognize that I probably pushed the pace too hard.  This next week I will try to simply focus on the distance and not concern myself with the pace.  Next week will be focused on adding more miles, knowing that the following week will contain some rest as my youngest and I will be traveling to Disney World together.  That definitely calls for a week of reduced miles!

Here’s my weekly totals for this week:  58.52 miles in 8:00:14.  Had I paid closer attention, I probably would have tried to run 15 seconds faster somewhere this last week to get the distance in under eight hours!


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