4/19/12 Training

This evening’s run was on the Little Blue Trace Trail and was really enjoyable.  I love running this trail and tonight was no exception.  It looked as if the rain clouds kept most people off the trail because I only passed a handful of runners and bikers.  I was able to get most of my run in before it started raining, and even at that, the cool rain was a refreshing way to end the last mile.  The run was 5.09 miles in 40:43.

I also had an exciting development this afternoon.  A few weeks ago I submitted an article idea to Active.com.  Today one of their editors contacted me to see if I was still interested in contributing running related articles.  I plan to finish up the paperwork tonight and will keep you posted if things develop in this area.

With the Boston Marathon this past Monday, I have been spending some time reading and learning more about the marathon itself.  I just finished watching the replay of the 2012 race on UniversalSports.com.  The May edition of Runner’s World also has a couple of good Boston Marathon related articles.  It is truly amazing to watch world-class athletes run so efficiently and make it look so easy.


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