5/2/12 Training

Today’s run was one of those that you simply endure.  Running too soon after eating, I was dizzy and my legs were rubbery after the first mile.  The second and third miles I just tried to maintain something close to a normal pace.  Beginning with the fourth mile, the feeling started to fade and I was able to pick up the pace and felt stronger.  The run was 6.1 miles in 50:09.

Far from some of my better runs, this run did at least teach me a few lessons.  First, I need at least two hours, preferably three, between eating and running.  If not, dizziness and poor performance prevail.  Second, it proved that unless it’s a major injury, I can run through discomfort to overcome the feeling and still have a reasonable pace.  This belief is especially important in those last miles of a marathon when discomfort can be there every step of the way.



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