Favorites List: Top Marathon Humor

In a long distance race, a little humor goes a long way.  One of the best memories (and surprises) from my first marathon were the numerous funny shirts and signs throughout the race.  Below are my top ten favorites that made me chuckle:

1.  Hurry up, my arms are getting tired.  (a sign near the end of the marathon)
2.  Run like you stole something!
3.  Run like a Kenyan.
4.  Fast girls have better times.
5.  If running was easy, they would call it football.
6.  Run, Forrest, Run
7.  You paid to do this?
8.  Hurry, someone’s chasing you!
9.  If you can read this, I’m not in last place (on the back of a t-shirt)
10.  Only 26 miles left (near the beginning of the race)


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