5/17/12 Training

Earlier today I was thinking how fortunate one is when they realize everything is falling into place.  Whether it’s at the office, at home with the family, or during workouts, there are magical times when things simply go well.  Unfortunately, we often don’t realize how great things were until the fleeting magic is gone.  It is only those special moments when we actually realize we’re in that very moment.

So I found myself at work with the realization that I might be in that very moment.  Tonight’s run confirmed that thought.  The run was an out and back route on the Little Blue Trace Trail in Independence.  It was 8.1 miles in 1:01:11.  The 7:33 pace was by far the fastest pace at this distance in a long time.  It was a run in which everything fell into place.  It also was a good confidence booster.

But we know those fleeting moments are exactly that, fleeting.  Not long after tonight’s run, I also realized I need to remember what phase of training I’m currently in.  Even though the last few faster runs have felt good, I know that I must focus on the distance and not worry about pace.  Continuing to build my mileage base will be the focus over the next few weeks before transitioning to my 18 week training schedule.



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