5/19/2012 Training

Today’s run was an early morning venture around the neighborhood to James A. Reed.  I was very pleased with the relaxed pace with no sense to push the pace.  I expect the same for tomorrow’s long run, probably at a slower pace, though.

The morning run was 11.37 miles in 1:36:18.  The thoughts that have been absent for many of this week’s runs were back today.  Looking back, I expect it was the focus on the pace of the quicker runs that zoned out the typical thoughts.  Today’s ease of pace helped bring back the thoughts.

Most of my thoughts were related to consistency. Through the run, I came with the idea of varied, intelligent consistency.  The initial thought entered my mind as I hit the two-mile mark at a common location in my neighborhood.  How nice it is to judge progress by comparing like performances on the same route.  Of course, running the same route might help judge your performance but that performance may be decreasing because you’re bored.  We all need a bit of variety.  So that is where the varied part comes in.  For example, you might have a variety of routes to run depending on your need — long run, hills, speedwork, etc.  By having a sampling of routes you know well, you can still judge your performances on a periodic basis without becoming bored running the same route.

In my career, many people have touted the concept of leadership that is consistent.  Although I do not totally disagree, I do believe that leadership can be consistently bad, and that it not a good thing.  Consistently making the wrong decision doesn’t eventually make it right because you have created a pattern of consistency.  This is true in business as well as running.  For example, consistently running hard everyday – even on long runs – usually isn’t a good decision.  Although you are consistent, you are also inviting injury.  Different paced runs will not only allow you to pay attention to your body, they will also give you that sense of variety.  By understanding your body’s limits, you add the intelligent portion to the formula.

There you have it, 11.37 miles of thoughts wrapped up in two paragraphs.  Other than running, I am almost finished reading my first Sheehan book and Logan and I started watching a documentary titled Long Green Line.  It’s a great documentary that follows a high school team throughout their cross country season.  I’m enjoying both the book and documentary very much.


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