5/22/12 Training

This evening’s run was 9.02 miles in 1:14:02.  The weather was almost perfect for a run, not to mention the great company I had with my friend from work.  The nine miles, and the hills, came and went almost without notice.  When the conversation didn’t keep us occupied, we focused on the surroundings such as a large doe that wasn’t afraid of us and avoiding poison ivy.  It was definitely one of those runs that made me realize why I enjoy running so much.

Shifting gears, I started a new book today.  I’m now reading Again to Carthage, the sequel to John L. Parker, Jr.’s Once a Runner.  In reading the first few pages, I can already tell I will enjoy this book.  The author’s characters and writing style returned that positive feeling from the first book.  As well as the first book covers the feat of a college runner, the second book cover the same athlete later in life.

I’ll try two work outs tomorrow and an early morning workout on Thursday before a day trip to Jefferson City.  I think Friday might contain two workouts, but I plan on Saturday being a light training day.  Sunday still remains the day I hope to simply set out in one direction to see how far I can run.  We’ll see how well that plan works out, but it has been one of the challenges that has kept me motivated during this base building period.


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