You Might be a Running Nerd if. . .

  1. You blog about your training.
  2. You have actually watched a complete marathon on TV from start to finish.
  3. You know what the Goofy Challenge is and have actually ran it or at least seriously contemplated it.
  4. You know what the acronym IAAF means.
  5. You know that the IAAF actually has a fantasy league.
  6. You get excited about fitting two runs in one day.
  7. They know you by name and shoe size at your local running store.
  8. You have a stockpile of old running shoes that still look “good” but have long outlived their life cycle.
  9. You know precisely how many days until your next race.  Extra bonus points if you know the hours and minutes.
  10. Your day is ruined if you find a hole in your favorite pair of running socks.



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