6/28/12 Training

This morning started with a bit of disappointment. The whole family woke up early to watch a satellite launch only to find out it was postponed until tomorrow morning.
Not all was lost; however. Since I was already up, I decided to take advantage of the great weather and enjoy another barefoot beach run. The scenery was beautiful. With the waves crashing in, the whole beach was bathed in pinks and blues as the sun rose over the horizon. Not worried about pace, I tried to soak in as much of the surroundings as possible knowing that just beautiful runs are few and far between. I saw numerous birds, a raccoon, and a crab quickly burying himself in the sand. The run was five miles in 48:48.
This will be my last post for a while, until we return to Florida from our cruise. I’ll be keeping notes in my journal about any runs in the meanwhile.


6/27/12 Training

I took yesterday off from running, noting the day was filled with lots of swimming and walking. Today’s run was lots of fun. It was along Cocoa Beach and provided a peaceful setting for a nice easy run. It was 3.55 miles in 31:15. Not a fan of either barefoot running nor running on beaches, this stretch of beach could definitely sway my mind. It goes without saying that more than a few times scenes from Chariots of Fire popped into my head.
I’m not sure how my muscles will feel tomorrow (although fun, running on the beach uses different muscles than regular road running), but I hope to get another beach run in tomorrow morning.

6/25/12 Training

Yesterday’s run was interesting. The early morning hours brought more rain, so I planned to run on the treadmill again but all of the hotel’s treadmills were being used. Noting the rain wasn’t too bad, I opted to run outside. The bands of rain and wind came and went as the third band was starting in full force as I finished. Thinking I would run on the treadmill, I didn’t bring my watch. Based on my earlier run, I estimate I ran a little over 3 miles in about 24 minutes.
A couple of thoughts from the run. The first thought was how quickly a run came bring back specific memories. For example, yesterday’s run brought back vivid memories of a similar rainy run in Hawaii last year. Without actually feeling the sensation of a downpour in a tropical climate, I may have never recalled that run again. However, all of the memories and thoughts quickly came back yesterday.
The second thought revolved around running freely. With no watch or device to measure time and distance, it was just me and the road. There is a certain comfort on knowing your capacity without such devices. Maybe I will get to a point where I can consistently run like this, but for now I need the feedback and reinforcement of such devices.
Our vacation continues to go well despite the rain. It has kept the crowds down at Disney World, so that has been an added benefit. We have a few more days in Orlando before heading off on our cruise.

6/23/12 Training

Greetings from overcast but dry Orlando! It is definitely one of my favorite places to run. This afternoon’s run was no exception. The clouds kept the temperature to around 80, nice enough for a comfortable five mile run. The run was 5.01 miles in 37:35.
Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, so I might opt to run in the fitness room if I can fit it in.

6/21/12 Training

At KCI waiting for my flight to Orlando to join my family for a much needed vacation. Had two runs yesterday since we spent Wednesday celebrating Logan’s birthday early. Yesterday morning’s run was on the treadmill and was 3.1 miles in 22:43. The evening run was a 30 minute tempo run. It was 4 miles in 30:03. I was happy with the morning run but just didn’t feel the adrenalin like you need for a really good tempo run.
Today is my day off and we’ll see how close I stick to my schedule during the trip.