6/3/12 Training

Today was a return to longer, slower paced mileage.  As much as I needed yesterday’s quicker pace to ease my mind, today served as a reminder that my body is not yet ready for the transition from higher mileage to quicker paced runs.  In fact, well within the first mile of today’s run I had thoughts of scratching the entire run.  My right heel was still tight and my left knee had noticeable pain.  I stopped just before the half mile mark to regroup and to see if a change in form would make any difference.  By then my right heel was loosening up and I changed my form enough to keep running without much knee pain.  After the mile mark, the aches and pains were hardly noticeable.

The run was 10.3 miles in 1:29:58.  I was pleased with the pace as I did not push the pace today, so I’ll take an 8:44 pace without much effort.  Most of the miles were at James A. Reed which helped the miles pass along without thinking much about it.  The miles on the trails seemed to be quicker than the road miles, mostly because of the sensory overload.  My senses were simply too busy paying attention to the sights, sounds, and smells of the immediate surroundings to worry much about the body itself.  If yesterday did wonders for my mental state, today was a rejuvenating run for my body.

Since it’s the end of the week and May is now finished, I thought I would share some summary information with everyone.  This week’s mileage was 41.56 miles in 6:00:43.  In addition to this week’s run, this week also saw a conservative start to strength training (60 sit ups and 60 push ups every morning).  This training is aimed mostly at building muscles in the abdomen and arms; and I expect to increase these efforts over the next two and a half months.  May’s mileage was 290.95 miles.  Another note about the month of May was that I ran every day of the month.  My mileage so far for 2012 is 836.4 miles.

I finished reading Again to Carthage last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  I’m not usually a fan of sequels, but this one was as good, if not better, than the first book (Once a Runner).  Perhaps I enjoyed this book as I could associate with the main character, Quenton Cassidy, in his stage later in life where running was still important but realized the speed was gone.  Since finishing this book, I started to read Run to Win by George Sheehan.

Looking forward to next week, mileage should increase back near 60 miles but with continued measured approach to pace.  I will also be finishing my marathon training schedule which will begin within the next few weeks.


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