6/8/12 Training

Yesterday’s run was 7.05 miles in 55:49.  I was especially pleased with this run noting it was at night on the treadmill — precisely the combination that I struggled with previously.  Although not my preferred method, the treadmill is a good source to mix training up every once in a while as well as allows safe running 24/7.  The treadmill gives no consideration to the time of day, weather conditions, or time constraints.

Although my mileage will not be as high as planned this week, I think this has been a good transition week.  I have slept more this week than I have in many months.  I think we all get to the point at which we have to listen to our bodies — mine was definitely telling me I needed more rest.

I hope to get a decent amount of mileage in this weekend.  I’ll see how I feel after tomorrow’s long run in deciding what next week’s training will look like as I prepare to start my marathon training soon.


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