6/10/12 Training

I really enjoyed today’s run.  The run was 18.01 miles in 2:40:11.  Not only did it contain some great scenery near Lake Waukomis and Parkville, but I also had the great company of two friends from the office.  18 miles seems to go a lot faster when you have someone to talk with, the conversation usually melts the miles away.  Today was no different.

The one element that stands out from today’s run more than anything else were the number and size of the hills.  They were challenging to say the least.  With two monster hills after mile 15, they were placed where you definitely feel the effort in your legs.  It’s one of those runs that’s nice once it’s over, but during the run you start asking exactly why you are out on the road in the first place.  I look forward to running the course again and think would be a great course to run to prepare for the late hills of the Boston course.

For weekly totals, I ran 40.26 miles in 5:40:55.  Although it wasn’t as far as I was hoping for this week, I was able to get some much-needed rest.  This gets me within 25 miles of running 900 miles for 2012, so hopefully I will surpass that mark next week.


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