6/12/12 Training

I took yesterday off from running and today was the first day of my marathon training for Wichita.  I’m following Hal Higdon’s Advanced II training plan.  Today’s run was a quick workout, but probably the most intense I’ve had recently.  Tuesdays will be my day for my weekly hill repeats.  I found a good-sized hill just over a quarter of a mile which fits my needs perfectly.  It is on NE Colbern Road right past Lake Jacomo.

With a quarter mile warm up, three quarter mile uphill sprints, quarter mile downhill jogs, and a half mile cool down, today’s run was 2.06 miles in 17:38.  It definitely is a mind shift going from slow, long runs to shorter, quicker pace runs.  It was fun getting out there and pushing the pace although I certainly appreciated reaching the peak each time.  Each week the schedule increases by one additional hill repeat.

For those former HHS and FHSU runners, this hill is not quite Quarter Hill, but it runs a close second.  As I reached the peak each time, memories of Coach Maska calling out the times flooded my mind.  It brought back those special memories that only an athlete and their coach share.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have great coaches along the way.  And you never know when you might need to draw on one of those faded memories to help through challenges in a workout or race as they quickly become as vivid as yesterday.


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