6/17/12 Training

I really enjoyed yesterday’s run on a portion of the Prairie Fire Marathon course.  It was 10.02 miles in 1:19:55.  My Sunday long runs are meant to be slow, easy runs.  I couldn’t help pick up the pace a little as knowing this was part of October’s course added some excitement to the run.

Just a few thoughts from the run.  It was a bit odd running the course by myself compared to the crowds I experienced in last year’s race.  It made me realize how much the staff and volunteers for the race add, especially traffic control.  And that doesn’t even factor in the crowd.  The other thought detoured me for a little bit off the marathon course.  One of my role models in high school was Jim Ryun.  Part of yesterday’s run was on Douglas which happens to be where East High School is located.  This is the high school that Ryun attended when he became the first high schooler to break the four minute mile.  As I ran in front of it, I couldn’t help but run a bit on the campus.  There is always something special about areas that you know legends once graced.  It was definitely the highlight of the run.

This week’s mileage was lower, but the times noticeably faster as I continue my transition to my marathon training schedule.  The total mileage for last week was 24.37 miles.


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