7/8/12 Training

Yesterday’s run was 13.05 miles in 1:42:46. Much like the previous Sunday, this long run was at a quicker pace than usual, but hopefully that will equate to quicker paced runs during the week.

The run was on the Greenway Trail and Legacy Loop, so it had a fair amount of hills in the middle. At the nine mile mark I started recalling a question my boss asked me a few days after I completed my first marathon. After describing my experience hitting the wall at mile 17, she asked what it was — was it physical, mental, or both. Even though it was still vivid in my mind, I couldn’t answer the question. The entire experience blurred together that I couldn’t distinguish what exactly made the wall so difficult. Looking back and having a better understanding of how my body works, I now know it’s the mental functioning that is the first to go south. That’s how I felt at mile nine. I had to take stock of how I was feeling and my body functioning. I had to convince my mind that my body was fine and continue through the end of the run.


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