7/15/12 Training

This week’s long run went well.  To keep with the recent trends of my longer runs under eight minute pace, I set out hoping to match this effort again today.  The first few miles were a bit rocky, but once I settled into a relaxed pace, the miles started flying by.

For some reason, I didn’t have many thoughts on today’s run.  Maybe it was my focus on the pace and distance that kept much else from entering my mind.  I started early this morning to avoid the heat as today’s forecast is for another triple digit reading.  The run began in my neighborhood but most of today’s miles were in the James A. Reed Conservation Area.  I always enjoy running in this area to enjoy nature’s beauty and today did not disappoint.

The totals for today were 14.01 miles in 1:51:57 which calculates to a 7:58/mile pace.  For the week, I ran 35 miles in 4:28.  Looking forward to next week, the schedule shows a small decrease in mileage as a step back week to let the body recover a bit before the mileage increases again over the next few weeks.


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