7/17/12 Training

I was pleased with yesterday’s workout.  The schedule listed 5×800 meter intervals.  I didn’t look tough on paper.  It was tough on the track, however.  As with recent evening workouts, there’s usually not enough time to fully digest dinner before having to workout.  Plus, the temperature during the day makes it difficult to run before dinner.

After the first two 800s, I was doubting my ability to finish all five.  The quicker speed made my legs and lungs burn, not to mention how my stomach reminded me of everything I ate for dinner.  The third interval came and went as well as the fourth, all with the thought of coming at least one interval closer to finishing.  By the time the fifth interval rolled around, the darkened track beckoned for one more.  All five half miles were between 2:50 to 3:02, so I was pleased with the results considering it was still 92 degrees at 9:30 p.m.  The total for yesterday (including jogging between intervals) was 3.75 miles in 30:57.



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