7/20/12 Training

Much like last week, I opted to take my rest day this week on Thursday instead of today.  Due to the heat, I ran early this morning and enjoyed the cool 75 degree weather before the thermometer topped out over 100 again today.  Today’s run was the 35 minute tempo run with the following approximate breakdown:  9 minutes easy jog; 9 minutes to 10K pace; 9 minutes holding 10K pace; and 8 minutes back to easy jog.  I was pleased with the effort again today, although I must admit that minutes 25-27 were pretty tough just to keep my legs turning.  I was able to run 4.94 miles in 35:01, 0.04 miles farther than last week’s tempo run.

The early morning hours reminded me of a few things that I’m looking forward to:  a trip back to Hays and the Olympics.  We’re heading back to Hays tomorrow, a visit that I’m very much looking forward to as it has been a while since we were back in Hays.  Tuesday will be one year since my mother passed, so it will be nice to spend time with my father and take a little time to simply remember all of those wonderful memories of Mom.  I’m also excited to spend time with friends and family while visiting.

The second point that garnered attention on today’s run was the upcoming Olympics which start a week from today.  I cannot wait and know I will spend way too much time in front of the TV watching the different events, but I love the spirit of competition no matter what sport.  If I have my history correct, I believe it was the London Olympics in 1908 which first established the standard marathon distance still used today.


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