7/22/12 Training

I was able to get up early this morning to beat today’s heat. Today’s run reminded me of one of Hal Higdon’s main tenants of his training schedule, faster pace on long runs doesn’t equate to better conditioning or faster race times.
I used the run to recall memories of my mom instead of worrying about the pace. Once I established that in my mind, it was amazing how quickly the memories came back.
Running in various parts of my hometown brought back so many vivid memories of my mom. For example, passing the neighborhood grocery store reminded me of her love of cooking and baking as well as always finding a friend at the grocery store to visit with. The area near my elementary school reminded me of those infrequent weekdays she would have off which allowed me to go home for lunch – definitely the highlight of my day back then. My neighborhood church reminded me of her deep faith. Other locations that brought back memories included Hadley Medical Center at which she worked so many years or the plant where my father worked and we would occasionally take lunch out to him.
Other areas brought back memories from vastly different parts of my childhood. The area behind the then Marian High School reminded me of all of my little league baseball practices she would take me to — not an easy task as my team only won one game in several years. Not far away in terms of distance, the FHSU campus reminded me of her support and love as I started college.
I thoroughly enjoyed the run as I recalled all of those fond memories.
Thanks to the memories, the run in terms of distance and time became secondary. It was 10 miles in 1:20:37, but in a much deeper sense a great way to celebrate the time together with Mom.


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