7/23/12 Training

I was able to spend an extra day in Hays which allowed for a little more running in familiar areas.  Yesterday’s run was north of Hays for three miles in 22:41 or 7:31/mile pace.  The pace might be a little deceiving based on two factors:  I was a little sore from Sunday’s run at the beginning and the route did contain some good-sized hills.

Running north of the city made me realize how comfortable I feel running in the country.  You can truly lose yourself in the moment and feel like you’re the only person in the next 100 miles.  In western Kansas, the latter part is probably not far from the truth.  I’m attracted to the solitude, the sense that it’s me versus the road — no other people or traffic to contend with, just the occasional cow or two.

The early morning run also allowed me time to visit Mom’s grave site with Dad after the run.  I was amazed by his strength and could tell we all miss her dearly.  It is comforting knowing that she is no longer suffering and is in a much better place now.  We love you, Mom!



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