7/25/12 Training

Today’s run was a bit of a test. After feeling good following yesterday’s “hill” workout, I wanted to push the envelope a little to see if I could sustain a similar pace as my repeats without the incline.

I’ve almost resigned to using the treadmill during the week and hitting the road for the longer runs on the weekends due to the high temperatures. Today was no different. Using the treadmill might have its advantages, though. I was able to quickly increase my pace right away and I was able to easily increase the pace when needed.

The run was 4.002 miles in 28:11, better than 7:03/mile pace. The test today was to quickly get to that “cruising” speed and then hold it. I would love to get this type of run consistently under 7:00/mile.

I’m not sure what to expect from tomorrow’s workout. It is supposed to be a 40 minute tempo run, but today’s effort might impact my ability to give my full effort. Perhaps tomorrow is my next test knowing that Friday will be a rest day before the longer runs over the weekend.


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