7/26/12 Training

I was happy with today’s run, even though the numbers may not tell the whole story.  As stated yesterday, I was not sure how my legs would react after the tough run last evening.  The Higdon schedule has a 40 minute tempo run for today.  The make up of the run is 10 minutes of easy jog, 10 minutes increasing to 10K pace, 10 minutes at 10K pace, and finally 10 minutes returning to easy jog.

I was able to run 5.47 miles in 40:00.  My legs were a little sluggish from yesterday’s workout, but the effort to keep up the pace was there.  A majority of the third section was uphill, so those splits are a bit misleading.

As I write this, I’m watching Olympic soccer.  I plan on taking full advantage of having tomorrow off from running by watching as much Olympics as possible tomorrow, especially the opening ceremony.  Every Olympic athlete amazes me in terms of the effort and commitment they have made.  They serve as true inspirations.


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