Olympics Opening Ceremony

I’m watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony as I type this blog and am absolutely loving it.  What a fantastic job of weaving their country’s story into world history.  I must admit, I am certainly following this a lot better than the Opening Ceremony in Beijing.  Here’s some of my favorite parts:

  • James Bond and the Queen “parachuting” into the stadium;
  • Relax! proves that 80s music still rules;
  • Parade of the countries;
  • Even the commercials (especially Ryan Hall’s AT&T commercial) — I’m enjoying this more than the Superbowl!;
  • David Beckham and the torch;
  • Lighting of the Olympic cauldron (although I was hoping Roger Bannister would do it); and
  • Sebastian Coe’s speech — I remember watching him run during my childhood;
  • Chariots of Fire and Bean was hands-down the best part – proves runners should never take themselves too busy.

I’m so thrilled by the ceremony that I feel inspired to run an eight mile run at marathon pace — wait, that’s tomorrow morning.


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