7/29/12 Training

This week’s long run was interesting.  I finished the 16.01 mile run in 2:11:08.  It was a comfortable pace, but I certainly had some issues along the way.  In the spirit of yesterday’s post, I hope to chalk them up as learning lessons.

Shortly after starting, I noticed an unusual pain which started in my right knee and quickly extended to my right hip.  Not going away, I stopped to walk to see if the change of pace helped any.  The pain stayed through the first mile with a decreased pace, but the pain started going away after I was finally warmed up after the first mile.

Not long after putting this behind me, my watch then started acting up.  From the two mile mark to the finish of the run, I put up with the continuous beeping from the error message on the watch.  I had to periodically tend to the watch throughout the run as various issues would pop up every couple of miles.

The best part of today’s run was the fact that I found a completely new area to run not far from my neighborhood.  The new area offers a wide variety of scenery ranging from warehouses to residential streets closed to vehicles to tree-lined roads which made me feel like I was deep in a forest.  I look forward to splitting up this new area in upcoming runs.  The changing scenery and the sense of discovery let the miles roll by this morning.

Finally, with only about 0.10 miles left in the run, I rolled my ankle.  It happened as I transitioned from a sidewalk to grass on my way to run on the road.  It definitely stretched my foot, but did not affect the rest of the run and hasn’t swelled since then.

As all of these things occurred on the run, one thought continued to run through my head.  It involved the beauty of the 18 week marathon training schedule.  The true beauty of the schedule is that one gets to know their body incredibly well.  The trick is to learn and remember along the way what works well as well as what doesn’t work so well.  The other beauty of the training schedule is that over 18 weeks worth of running and preparing, you face many different combinations.  Combinations of weather conditions, sleep patterns, eating patterns, etc. help the runner determine what works the best for the individual.  It’s that experience that also adds confidence to the runner when things don’t go quite as planned before or during a race.  Drawing on prior experience from training during the race can be a tremendous mental aid.  Even though the runner uses the marathon training schedule to determine the best individual preparation, the combination of variables help develop confidence to be flexible without throwing the runner completely off their plan.

This week’s totals:  39.25 miles in 5:01:48.  Today’s run completed Week #7 of Hal Hidgon’s Advanced II marathon training schedule.  Next week’s mileage will increase again, so I’m starting to get into the meat of the training.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.


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