8/5/12 Training

I learned a few lessons on today’s run.  It was tough run to say the least.

Lesson #1: Follow your training plan, even if you feel better than what the plan calls for, stick with the plan.  As noted yesterday, yesterday’s run was supposed to be slower than marathon race pace.  I should have stuck to the training plan yesterday, because I felt the consequences of yesterday’s faster pace today.  I was stiff this morning and my legs were heavy and tired.

Lesson #2:  Respect high temperatures.  I watched the women’s Olympic marathon this morning which was a fantastic race.  Once again, teamwork proved critical for Team USA as training partners Shalene Flanagan and Kara Goucher performed extremely well in a rainy London finishing 10th and 11th respectively.  Not only did I want to cheer them on, but I also was banking on a cooler afternoon for my long run.  I guess I should stress the term cooler is relative.  Even though the temperature was only 82 degrees at 11:30, it heated up to 91 by the time I started my run at 4:00.  The sun and heat took a lot of energy out of me.  I tried to find tree-lined roads to keep out of the sun as much as possible, but the heat still made the run very tough.  My time included much needed six water breaks.  I ran my 17.01 miles in 2:28:03 or 8:42/mile pace.

Not many thoughts on today’s run besides making sure I stayed well-hydrated.  That’s a nice way to say trying not to pass out.  I wanted to note that my dad has already responded to my request to research some US-made running products.  He found an article that a local business in my hometown, Stromgren Athletics, was contacted to send one of their compression products to London to help American pole vaulter Jennifer Suhr with a hamstring issue during the Olympics.  This spurred me to begin some research on other US firms. I was pleasantly surprised to find more than I expected.  I hope to post my findings soon.

The rest of the evening will be spent enjoying the Olympics, especially the track and field events.  And for tomorrow, an easy three mile run in cooler morning temperatures.  I do try to learn from my mistakes!

I’m proud to report that this week marks another week in which I performed every workout on the marathon training plan.  My total miles for this week was 40.57 miles.


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