8/10/12 Training

Yesterday’s run was a 40 minute tempo run.  I pushed back this run one day because I ran out of time and energy on Thursday.  I attended the parent’s athletic and academic meetings for Logan’s high school.  Not getting home until 9:15 that night, I just didn’t have the motivation to carry through with the run.  Plus, I was still trying to deal with the thought that I’m a parent of a high school freshman now.

Thus, I ran the tempo run early Friday morning.  Not only was a I better rested in the morning, but the cooler temperatures in the upper 50s were refreshing as well.  I felt good about the run, although the distance may not necessarily reflect the effort.  I’ve recently started reading some information from Jack Daniels (the running coach, not the distiller!) and even though the technical parts like VO2 max and training zones are way over my head, I picked up a few things from his expertise.  One of the points is that runs such as tempo runs are meant to really test your capabilities.  I tried to push minutes 20-30 even though my mind was telling me not to push too hard because I still had minutes 30-40 still to complete.  To top things off, I unknowingly changed the mode of my running watch which meant I went long on the time.  Nevertheless, I finished the run proud of the effort and a new approach to work on during such training runs.  The totals for the run were:  5.54 miles in 40:32 with two sub-seven minute miles (6:50 and 6:18).


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