8/12/12 Training

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s long run for a couple of reasons.  First, I had the company of a training partner which made the time pass much quicker.  We trained together consistently through the spring, but lost contact during the summer.  It was good to get back in touch again.  Second, the weather was great.  The temperature was 71 at the start but light drizzle seemed to cool things off even more.  Finally, the run was on one of my favorite paths for longer runs, the Little Blue Trace Trail in Independence.  It was also nice to finish the run early in the morning.  We ran 12.01 miles in 1:36:05 or right at 8:00/mile pace.

I’m a bit concerned that today is the last day of the Olympics, but I have my family back after they were gone for a week.  I’ll take that trade any day.  They even picked up a 2012 Olympics t-shirt from the UK at Epcot for me.  It’s very cool and cannot wait to wear it today.  I’ve recorded the men’s marathon and look forward to watching it later today.

Completion of this week of marathon training marks the 9th week, which means that I’m half way through the training.  I ran 39 miles this week.  Next week marks another increase in total mileage after giving my body a bit of a break this week.


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