8/14/12 Training

Yesterday’s run was the first big departure from my marathon training schedule in quite some time.  The schedule called for six hill repeats, but a strain in my upper left thigh made forced me to change the plans.  I felt any incline at any speed in my muscle, not a good feeling.  I began feeling it right before Monday evening’s run and the pain worsened after the run and the next morning.  It actually loosened up quite a bit at work yesterday, but when I any real effort tested my thigh.  Instead of running hills, I selected a flatter course with minimal inclines and ran a fartlek increasing the pace for 1/4 mile and then jogging 1/4 mile.  I ran seven sets.  My total for the night was 5.15 miles in 40:23.  Hopefully this is just a bump on the road and I will be back to normal soon.


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