8/22/12 Training

This evening’s run was a nice change of pace in a couple of ways.  First, I’ve been struggling a bit lately with staying motivated.  Earlier I wrote about dedicating this training to the memory of my mom, but getting into the tough part of training and focusing on distances and times has led me away from that drive.  I often find that if I let my mind wander my pace will meander as well, and usually not in a favorable direction.  Since tonight was not a pace run or speed work, I decided to return to that earlier train of thought.  Just to get out on the road and let the thoughts flow and the pace fall wherever.

As soon as I stepped out the front door, I knew it would be a different run.  I instantly heard the sound of locust in the tree, a sound that instantly took me back to my childhood.  I can’t count how many hours I spent looking out my bedroom window day dreaming – often with the serenade of locust in the mulberry tree near the alley.  With that flashback, the memories came back like a flood.  Childhood memories such as hot summer nights playing baseball pretending to be the next star for the Royals or chillier fall afternoons playing basketball pretending to be the high school star.  Then came the hours spent playing Atari – Pinball, Space Invaders, Othello, etc.  Recalling all of those fond childhood memories made me realize how fortunate I was to have the childhood I did.  How fortunate I was to have supportive parents I knew I could always count on if needed.  I will be forever grateful.

The second change of pace tonight was much more materialistic.  I ran in my new pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 shoes.  It’s difficult to beat a relaxing run in a new pair of shoes.  A friend once described running in his new shoes like “running on pillows.”  As the marathon grows closer, I will introduce these new shoes into my training gradually.  For tomorrow’s race pace run, I plan to wear my other new pair of shoes, my Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 shoes.  They are more lightweight with less support, so I will only wear them for speed work or shorter distances at race pace to break them in before wearing them in the race.

Returning to my original thought, just letting my mind roam free seemed to pay dividends today.  The childhood memories and fond memories of Mom helped re-energize my training.  The run was 5.01 miles in 38:58 or 7:47/mile average pace.  Not bad for a fun stroll through memory lane.


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