8/23/12 Training

Today’s four mile run at race pace was a welcomed quick run.  The run was just north of Lake Jacomo, so it did have a few challenging hills not to mention the heat (95 at the start of the run) and wind.  The run was 4.01 miles in 28:25, with a 0.5 mile cool down in 4:30.  My four mile average pace was 7:05.  Together, it was a 4.51 mile run in 32:55.

A couple of quick notes from the run:

  • Today was my first run in my new pair of shoes I plan to wear for the Prairie Fire Marathon in October.  I need to break them in more as they are definitely built for efficiency instead of support.  I’m sure the next month and a half will give me plenty of opportunities to grow more accustomed to them, especially my speed workouts.
  • I actually found some mulberry trees after today’s run.  I didn’t have any luck finding any yesterday when I remembered the tree in our backyard, but there were plenty near the lake today.  The unique leaves brought back more memories today.

Tomorrow is my rest day, so I will certainly enjoy that before this weekend’s runs totalling 30 miles.  Only 51 days until the marathon!



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