8/26/12 Training

I finished the week by completing the first of three 20 mile runs on my marathon training schedule.  Completing the run was a bit tougher than I thought, but I was able to grind it out to finish the week.  We spent most of the weekend at the Country Club Plaza area in Kansas City, which meant today’s run was shifted from a morning run to an afternoon run.  The time we spent on the Plaza was a nice little getaway, definitely a glimpse of those that obviously have more disposable income than us.  But visiting the area also brought back a lot of memories from my first marathon.  There is always something special that a runner feels when the return to a course they ran previously.  This was no different.

I was hoping the earlier rain and clouds would cool off the temperatures for the run.  Unfortunately, I felt like I was running in a donut of clear, bright sunny skies with clouds all around tempting me with cooler temperatures thanks to rain and cloud cover that never materialized.  This meant higher temperatures and humidity.  At the start of the run it was 84 degrees with 62% humidity.

I guess the good thing about those conditions is that it forced me to run by Hal Higdon’s advice for the weekly long run.  To paraphrase, he believes the long runs are designed for endurance, not speed.  He proposes using a pace one to two minutes slower than marathon race pace during marathon training.  I certainly had to do that today.

The run was 20.01 miles in 2:50:34 or an average pace of 8:31/mile.  The totals of the week were 50.85 miles in about six hours and 42 minutes.  The upcoming week will be a step back week in terms of mileage to give my body a little rest.


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