8/28/12 Training

Tonight’s workout was one of my toughest during this marathon training session.  The training schedule called for seven 800 meter intervals.  It doesn’t sound too daunting, but I set my sights on continuing where I left off the last time I ran 800 meter intervals.  Last time I was able to run six intervals at 3:00 for each one.  My target for the workout was to maintain this pace but add one more interval.

I jogged a half mile to warm up and then started the interval session.  I ran a half in three minutes and then would jog for a quarter and start all over until I reached number seven.  It was all I could do to hold the pace the last quarter of a mile as I was running on fumes by then.  After I finished the intervals, I jogged another quarter to cool down.  I was able to keep the 3:00 half mile pace for each interval.  The final distance was 5.75 miles in 45:58.

I am proud to report that the heel stretch my co-worker seemed to work again tonight.  I am very excited that this might be the answer I have been looking for in several months.

I’ll be traveling to Jefferson City tomorrow, so I hope to get a good run or two in while I spend some time there.  I look forward to spending time with my friends from JC, always fun to exchange stories and catch up on missed events.  Speaking of traveling, I will be heading to Baltimore in the middle of next month.  Like JC, I always enjoy touching base with my friends there.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to get some good runs in while we’re there.


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