9/5/12 Training

Today’s marathon training schedule called for five easy miles as a recovery run from yesterday’s hill repeats.  It was another warm and humid day, but that didn’t seem to hamper the spirit of today’s run.  Actually, I realized that spirit halfway through the run.  It wasn’t any profound thought or memory, no earth changing idea.  What I realized was that my training has become very mechanical recently.  Some may view this as a negative, but I tend to think it is a very powerful positive attribute.  It is these very routine, mechanical runs that I hope to fall back on when the race pace seems impossible to continue any further during the marathon.   Repeating those training trials and avoiding training mistakes is what I hope will lead me to finishing in a Boston Marathon qualifying time next month.

Today’s run was 5.03 miles in 39:29 or 7:51/mile pace.  I’m hoping a cooling trend over the next few days will spell an end to the hot temperatures here lately.  Cooler temperatures will be welcomed as the rest of the week has a 50 minute tempo run, 10 mile run at marathon race pace, and a 20 mile run.


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