9/9/12 Training

My marathon training schedule called for the second of three 20 mile runs today.  Today’s focus was simply getting the miles in the book and moving on to the next week which will give my body a bit of a break from this week’s high mileage.  I was concerned how my right heel would feel, but it held up pretty good considering today’s distance.

The cooler weather this weekend has certainly made the last two runs easier just on that count alone.  The morning greeted me with a cool breeze that quickly awakened me.  To address my heel issue, I ran a little before starting the run to warm up my muscles and then stretched well before starting my actual run.  Although it meant a little more time preparing for the run, I think it paid dividends.

The run itself was pretty unremarkable.  I concentrated on each mile and didn’t allow myself to get caught up in how many miles were left.  After the run, I stayed off my feet for the first hour which also seemed to help my heel.

Wrapping up the week, I’m happy to put another 50+ mile week in the books.  Mentally, it’s a good feeling to know that I have only one more 20 mile run left in this training session and I will begin my taper after that run.  With just a few days over a month left before the marathon, I’m feeling pretty good about my conditioning so far.  A few more hard weeks and then I will start cutting back my distances while at the same time trying to keep the intensity the same.

Looking forward to next week, I will spend a majority of the week in Baltimore.  I look forward to finding some new paths around the Inner Harbor area.  I will keep you posted on the latest developments.


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