9/23/12 Training

I’m ecstatic to post another blog about my second consecutive run.  My heel was still tender starting today’s run, but after stretching it after a quarter of a mile it seemed to loosen up quite well.  As with previous runs, the tendon seemed to stretch out more as the run progressed.  I wanted to at least double yesterday’s effort at a reasonable pace.  I was able to surpass both expectations.

Before the run I was questioning whether or not I would reasonably be able to run next month’s marathon.  After the run, there was no doubt in my mind I could.  I have to train smart and continue to pay close attention to my heel, but I have the confidence it can be done.

Today’s run was 3.01 miles in 24:25 or 8:07/mile pace.  It’s a far cry from the other 16.99 miles on my training schedule that were not ran, but I was pleased to be able to run this without much effort — a sign that I can continue making an active and meaningful contribution to my training before the marathon.

This upcoming week marks the beginning of the taper process before the marathon.  The mileage will start reducing now, most notably the week before the marathon.  I will attempt to follow the mileage listed in Higdon’s training plan but perhaps not the method.  I will cut out any hill or speed work and concentrate on trying to increase the flexibility and strength of my Achilles tendon.


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