9/27/12 Training

Today’s Training Run Summary
Distance:  6.01 miles
Time:  51:28
Pace:  8:34/mile

I was feeling a bit sore yesterday, so I decided to take the day off from running.  After a day’s rest, I was ready to run again today.  My marathon training schedule called for a five mile run yesterday and a five-miler today at marathon race pace with Friday off.  I decided to trade yesterday as a rest day instead of tomorrow.  This meant a five mile run today with the same at race pace tomorrow.

This evening’s run was quite enjoyable in several ways.  First, the weather was absolutely beautiful.  It was overcast with the temperatures in the low 70s and no wind.  Second, the recent rain has really made the area around Lake Jacomo very lush and green.  After about 0.5 miles running on the road, I decided to take advantage of the freshly cut grass near the roadside.  What a great decision that was.  Not only did it feel better for my heel compared to running on the road, but I was also able to spot one large wild turkey and two deer during the off-road run.  This experience also harkened me back to my base training days earlier this year when simply enjoying the run was the goal — no times, no goals, no races — just enjoying the run.  I even stopped a few times just to soak in the wildlife and amazing scenery.

Pleased with this turn of events, I stopped worrying about any concept of time for the run.  I even picked a few turns which meant adding some tough hills to the run.  Mind you that I did not run them fast, but certainly enjoyed the sense of accomplishment after reaching the peaks.

In terms of my achilles, it’s the same old story:  a little sore and tender at the start of the run but it has been loosening up well within a half mile with little pain after that point.  Today’s softer running surface seemed to help as well.  I’m definitely optimistic that I can reach my 3:15 marathon goal in Wichita if I can continue running each day between now and the marathon.  The training at this stage focuses on maintaining your fitness, I’m not sure much is added in the last few weeks of any marathon training schedule.  I’m trying to focus now on getting into the marathon mindset, especially preparing for the last 6.2 miles as well as preparing by fueling and hydrating now.


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