9/28/12 Training

Today’s Training Run Summary
Distance:  5.0 miles
Time:  37:13
Pace:  7:27/mile

Tonight’s run was back on the treadmill.  Although unintentional, it was a nice break from yesterday’s hills.  My right heel was a bit touchy during the day, probably from the hills.  I was not sure what to expect tonight as my training plan called for five miles at marathon race pace.  Since returning from my injury, I’ve run a few miles at or near race pace, but certainly nothing close to stringing together five consecutive miles in one run.  I was nervous to say the least.

My nerves continued as my stride was noticeably off the first mile and a half.  But then, like turning a switch, it loosened up and things felt fine.  As the understatement of this entire training period, the next three and a half miles went much smoother.  I was pleasantly surprised to end the run right on my marathon race pace.  I tried to reinforce the race technique I hope to employ in a few weeks:  smart racing concentrating on each mile, one at a time.  If tonight’s run is any indication, I think I will be fine in terms of cardiovascular shape, but it’s the whole mind over matter (or body) issue that will prove challenging.  Hopefully by concentrating on each individual mile, I will counterbalance that issue during the marathon.

As a few side notes, I enjoyed lunch with one of my friends from the office today who will also be running the Prairie Fire Marathon with me.  Although we have not had many runs together lately, it was great to touch base with him to catch up on training and look forward to the trip to Wichita.  The second note deals with our bumper cucumber crop.  I continue to pick one cucumber each day, mostly from one high yielding plant.  They make easy and quick snacks, especially at work.  As an added benefit, I recently learned that thanks to their high water content, they are a great vegetable to eat as I continue focusing on ensuring I stay well hydrated.


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