9/30/12 Training

Today’s Training Run Summary
Distance:  12.0 miles
Time:  1:43:11
Pace:  8:36/mile

This Week’s Training Distance:  38.83 miles

With my recent success on the treadmill, I decided to continue the streak with today’s long run on the treadmill.  Although 12 miles on a treadmill can get a little boring at times, I was more than excited to get the full run in at a decent long run pace.

My heel felt much like yesterday, it took a decreased period of time for my heel to loosen up.  Even though I was running at a slower pace, I tried to keep focused on thoughts or situations that might occur during the marathon.  For example, I limited my liquid intake to the intervals the race will have (mile markers 2 and 5 and then every two miles after that point).  I also switched over to drinking Gatorade during the run since that is what will be used during the marathon itself.  I also ate two bananas halves during today’s run.

As stated earlier in the week, I am concentrating on staying well hydrated now. I am also trying to eat as many fruits and vegetables over the next two weeks to help maintain a healthy diet.

I am pleased with this week’s training.  I was able to accomplish every run in this week’s training, which was much better than what I expected after Saturday’s first run back after being off for nearly two weeks.  This month’s mileage was actually pretty low compared to previous months in this training session.  Thanks to my two weeks off, I only put in about 111 miles in September.  I am hopeful that it will be good enough for me to reach my 3:15 goal.  I definitely have a much different perspective than my other marathon races and I am hoping that will make the difference in this race.


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