10/2/12 Training

Today’s Training Run Summary
Distance:  3.88 miles
Time:  30:00
Pace:  7:44/mile

I continued my training this morning on the treadmill again.  My heel feels stronger each day, which I am thrilled about.  Today’s run was a 30 minute tempo workout:  7:30 jog to warm up; 7:30 to get up to 10K pace; 7:30 near 10K pace; and 7:30 jog to cool down.  I took the warm up nice and easy for my heel’s sake, but was happy with the effort during the quicker paced periods.  My fastest pace during the 10K period was around 6:40 pace.  By that time, my heel was well loosened up and felt very comfortable at that pace.

As the marathon draws closer and the mileage starts to taper off, I’m becoming more excited about the race itself.  I’ve been thinking of my mom quite a bit lately and know that I will need to draw on that inspiration during the race, especially in the later miles.  As with other previous marathon training periods, I’ve reached the point where I feel ready for the competition, now it’s a matter of resting and eating right to fuel my body as much as possible.


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