10/6/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  4.0 miles
Time:  31:08
Pace:  7:47/mile

Today’s run was a four mile run at a relaxed pace.  I was very happy to start the run at a good pace without my heel bothering me at all.  The first three miles were nice and easy miles, with the fourth mile well under my marathon race pace.  Not much to write about the run itself, I simply tried to focus on finding a comfortable rhythm and staying with it.

Tomorrow’s run will be my last long run of this training session.  Thanks to the taper period, it is also the shortest long run at eight miles.  Next week’s training will be very light — at least in terms of my long runs.  Hal Higdon highly recommends the 2+ week taper to rest the body, but states that the intensity of the runs need to stay just as in other training stages.  The shorter training runs continue to help me by giving me extra time each day to prepare for the race.


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